Bringing the ultimate diversity of talent to Western Australia! 


Metro agency specialises in females and males, children, teens, adults, mature adults, and families. 

The Agency was developed and created with specialty industry experts to  create the finest industry requirements. 

With a  high level of reputation of empowerment, professionalism, personal management, development experiences, dedication and tuition.

Our talent acquire knowledge of all industry aspects within runway, modelling, etiquette, and photographic skills, whilst developing their own modelling portfolio within the agency’s tuition. The agency’s combined skilled partners provide a unique  experience  with Talent mentors,

personal management, stylists, creative directors, hairdressers, makeup artists, photographers, show creators choreographers, trained 

and developed talent. 

Metro Agency’s talent are successful within the industry using knowledge created by many industry experts, 

Delivering professional experience for agency talent and clients.


Michelle Boylan

The lady of pure excellence and founder of Metro Agency.

Michelle has been in the industry for more than 20 years bringing dreams to reality, photoshoots creating shows, mentoring, building confidence and self-esteem, styling, International model trips, team leadership, business coaching and much more!

With the power and passion for success in fashion, body mentoring, mastery photoshoots and show producing Michelle’s pre-eminence brings the highest quality to the industries requirements.

Michelle’s quality of worth and success s was awarded the Western Australian exception woman of excellence award.

Michelle is always bringing the best experiences and opportunities to Western Australian lives and businesses.

Ashleigh Calabrese

 Catwalk, Events, Catwalk mentor Event creator.

Ashleigh has expertise  in Catwalk, shows, events, show creation as well as exceeding in producing chorography and stage management in the modelling world.

Ashleigh has been a catwalk / show mentor for 16 years and is known as the Queen of show events.

She brings her passion to Western Australian models by creating signature style events.  

From  Hawaii to Melbourne and based in Western Australia, Ashleigh’s excellence in show creativity professionalism and technique is a true asset to Metro agency and the fashion industry of Western Australia.  

Ashleigh’s extent of experience and show quality enables Metro Agency to bring this professionalism to Metro Agency models and clientele.

Mr Dean Phillips  

Model Mentor – Stylist – Creative director

Man, with many talents

Fashion, Modelling, Styling, Model mentor, Creative director, Hair stylist, choreographer, Visual concepts.


Mr Dean Phillips has been involved with the fashion Model talent photographic industry for the past 15 years with inspiring and grand passion brings remarkable success. 

Dean has travelled from America to Melbourne and is based In Western Australia mentoring models creating look books, photoshoot concepts, styling bring the most phenomenal expertise to Metro models/talents and all involved. 

In the past 15 years Dean has been involved with the upmost fashion designers, commercial brands catwalk shows tv commercials the face of so many. With Deans success and talents within the industry allows Dean to implement the upmost mentoring for models/talent.


Dean's grand artistic creative concepts is highly commended within the industry bringing distinctive talent and design to Metro agency models talent and clients. 

Mr Stephen Heath

Up skilled photographer

Mr Stephen Heath is one of the most skilled photographers within Western Australia.

He has travelled the world over the past 25 years illustrating his experience and expertise in the power of photography.

Stephens mastery mind is a true gift of strength within the photography industry from fashion to flowers high-rise buildings to aeroplanes,

Stephens experience within technical skills lighting concepts there is NO photographic concept that Stephen cannot create ,he is a photographer of upskilled talent like no other .

Stephen's experience is the wealth of fashion photography in Western Australia bringing the finest of photography to Metro Agency models/talents and clientele

Mr Ben Law

Western Australian Photographer

Ben law is a Western Australian photographer bringing the finest art in photography capturing life at the speed of light, Bens art in photography is capturing the finest in human life.

With a true mastery of perception Ben captures natural beauty, has a talent for creating artistic concepts and develops highly creative photographic pieces.

He is extremely passionate about outdoor photography, capturing the beauty of the surroundings and human life. Ben brings his experienced photography to Metro Agency models/talent and clientele  

Bens talent of capturing the beauty of humans and location photography has been accredited on front cover of magazines with Australia and New Zealand. 

Madeline Clement

Metro Agency Ambassador

Madeline is a young lady with absolute beauty, ambience and a positive passion for the modelling industry.

With her affectionate inspiring warm and adorable personality, Maddy’s positive aspiration for life is empowering refreshing and infectious for our youth of today. 

Maddy has been in the modelling world since she was seven years old and  has had the opportunity to be involved in high catwalk shows, photoshoots, promotional and commercial modelling which has developed her outstanding skills within the industry.

Maddy has travelled to America experiencing the modelling industry in different countries obtaining outstanding world modelling images.  

Maddy’s commitment and passion for our youth of today is outstanding , she is a true asset to Metro agency and the youth of Western Australia.

Alyssa Buchanan

Metro Agency Ambassador

Alyssa is a talented young lady who has been in the modelling industry since she was a beautiful six-year-old little princess.

With her high caliber in photographic and catwalk modelling, Alyssa most certainly outshines her talents within the industry.

Alyssa’s outstanding catwalk photographic skills are a true credit of commitment passion and desire to succeed “What you believe you can Achieve” her attributes’ are a true asset to industry and Metro Agency.

Alyssa is based in the beautiful state of Western Australia and has travelled to Hawaii to further her modelling career. 

Alyssa is an outstanding ambassador for our youth of Western Australia.

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