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12 Month TuitionEXISTING MODEL Teen Group 2 MONDAY 6.30-8.00PM

Elite Teen Model Development 13-17yr

Price Options
One-time purchase
Teen Elite 13-17YRS
$141.36every month for 11 months
  • By selecting the “I agree “button you will be agreeing the to the terms and conditions of the monthly payment plan agreement. 
    I hereby authorize Metro Agency to charge the account designated for the purpose of monthly payments, I owe to Metro agency until my obligations are paid in full under the agreement. I understand that my obligation under this agreement includes my monthly fees and monthly service fee. 
    This agreement will remain in full force and be effective during the term of your annual enrolment.
    I confirm that I authorize under the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement with my financial institution to use the account designated for the purchase of Metro agency annual package and agree to always comply with the financial agreement this authorization is in effect.  
    I further agree that there is no refunds permitted, and agree to the terms and conditions the financial contract is for:
    Annual Tuition 11 month period with 11 monthly payments of $ 141.46 per month.
    Half Year Tuition 5 month period with 5 monthly payments of $155 per month
    The monthly service fee which is included in your monthly payment plan is $5.00 per month.
    I understand and agree to this financial agreement

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